For vinyl record storage, Wax Rax is best !
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Vinyl record storage vs.vinyl record access

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You love listening to your favorite music on vinyl and pouring over the cover art and graphics. We totally get it, Wax Rax was founded by designer David Stanavich an avid record collector. LP and seven inch vinyl is definitely the best format for recorded sound however its physicality does pose challenges for the collector. 

100 records weigh in at approximately sixty pounds so moving around your music gets heavy fast. The more you move your vinyl the chance of wear and tear to the jacket or disc increases. Wax Rax has solved the issue of vinyl record storage by negating storage altogether. Your vinyl was pressed to be played not to be stored. 

Since 2013 Wax Rax has provided furniture designs optimized for the vinyl record collector to access their music. Three categories of designs currently make up the Wax Rax line, carts, towers and consoles. 

Mobile carts - The RC-1 and RC-2 vinyl library carts provide full forward facing view of up to 200 LPs with room for additional records on the lower section. The RC series carts are playlist makers, effortlessly roll hundreds of hours of music right to the turntable.

Tower units - The LP-V series towers put your vinyl on a pedestal. The LP-V3 has up to 550 record capacity while the LP-V4 holds even more, a huge amount, up to 700 LPs. That's almost 450 lbs.of vinyl.

Organize your titles in manageable groups with sturdy dividers every nine inches. More compartments keep the weight of the vinyl from damaging your LPs. The extra depth of the LP-V lets you mark the place of the album you're spinning. Safely lead the album next to your current selection forward and it's still protected within the sturdy LP-V frame.

LP-H consoles - Combine vinyl record access with a stereo system and you get the LP-H console. Our patented designs are all present in this stunning console. Up to 550 LPs positioned right next to the turntable for marathon listening sessions.  If your stereo set up requires additional space for components, we've got you covered and can accommodate any sound system with custom options.  A show piece of design that allows full access of your vinyl records.  That's what Wax Rax is all about, high craft and design that get's your vinyl spinning.

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